EDA enables communication not only among its users but also with users outside of the system (e.g. with customers). This is what Helpdesk– the last section in the left Administration menu – is for.

Thanks to the helpdesk, tickets can be created by users who are not registered in EDA just by sending their request to a specific email address or by filling in a web form. EDA users manage these tickets as usual, while their responses (comments) are sent to unregistered users (e.g. customers) by email. (Any member of the project with sufficient permissions can write a comment, but only a helpdesk admin can send the comment to the customer. Helpdesk admins can edit other users’ comments.) If an unregistered user replies to the helpdesk response email, this message will appear in the ticket as a comment. This email/web form – ticket communication can be used for regular communication with your customers or e.g. for your technical support.

Customers communicating through the helpdesk can see all public communication (i.e. their own and sent to them) of a ticket in one place. A link to this public overview is included in all email answers from helpdesk team. Customers can also send their comments directly via this public preview, including an attachment.

If you want to use the helpdesk, it is necessary to have a helpdesk account. Create a new helpdesk account using the button and fill in the following information:

  • account name,
  • email address through which EDA will communicate with the customer who submitted the form,
  • receive server (IMAP) – a specific port can be set after the colon, e.g.:
  • connection security for the receive server,
  • send server (SMTP) – a specific port can be set after the colon, e.g.:
  • connection security for the send server,
  • login and password to the email server.

You can create as many accounts as you need. A list of all existing accounts is displayed on the left side of the helpdesk screen together with the option of editing and deleting the accounts.

Once the helpdesk account is created and you want to use it, it is necessary to activate the account in the chosen project (see the chapter Projects – Helpdesk). Within the active helpdesk, it is then also possible to use Whitelisted emails and Email templates in the project.

How to Set Up a Web Form

In order to create tickets in EDA from your web form, the following steps have to be done:

  1. Create a DIV on a website with the ID “eda-tech-support” and fill in the attributes data-project-url = “PROJECT ABBREVIATION” and data-app-instance-url = “GROUP ABBREVIATION”. For example for the project EDA and the group ESAT it will be: <div id=”eda-tech-support” data-project-url=”EDA” data-app-instance-url=”ESAT”></div>
  2. Insert a script tag into the website with a link to the script, which will insert a form into the DIV from point 1: <script src=””></script>
  3. Tell us the URL where you will run the form – we will add it to the allowed addresses for recaptcha.
  4. For the basic styling of the form, it is possible to use CSS from
  5. Set up the Helpdesk in EDA (as described at the beginning of this chapter)

Create a public ticket

To create a public ticket is possible only if the project, that we create the ticket in, is connected to the helpdesk. Firstly, you create a ticket name and description, etc., then there is a possibility to tick that the ticket is public. This can´t be changed afterwards.