Users and Groups

Administrators can see the Administration field in the top bar next to the Tasks field. This Administration offers a different left menu than appears in Tasks and shows sections for EDA settings and administration. The first sections are Users and Group of users.


The left side of the screen displays a list of all users who have access to EDA. Each user is identified by their first name, last name, and email. To deactivate a user click on the trash can icon . (A deactivated user no longer has access to EDA but the user’s name will remain visibly with the changes the user has made. If you wish to remove a user completely from EDA, click on the dustbin icon at the bottom left to display a list of all deactivated users, then click on the yellow dustbin next to the user to anonymize the user. In doing this the user will be fully removed from EDA and “Removed user” will appear in the user’s records.

New User

To add a new user select the New user icon , then enter the user’s email, first and last name, and press Save. It is also possible to set Permissions for adding other users, adding / removing roles and for project management (i.e. administration of all projects). Once the user is saved, he is displayed in the list among the other users.


Click on a user and details of his settings will be displayed on the right side of the screen. They are divided into tabs General, Projects and User Groups:

The General tab contains the user’s avatar and the same information that was entered when adding the user to EDA. All data and permissions can be changed here except for the email (which is linked to the user’s registration).

Using the Projects tab, a user can be added to / removed from individual projects. A user role (or more of them) always has to be chosen for a project. In the user administration projects tab – the Pass tickets button. It assigns all user tickets in the project to one or more users.

Through the User Groups tab, users can be added to / removed from groups of users.

Groups of Users

The left side of the screen shows a list of all groups that are created in EDA. Clicking on a particular group will display its details (name and users) on the right side of the screen. Details can be edited there.

A new group can be created via button , existing group can be deleted via .