Tips for Users

To work with EDA effectively, it is good to understand other functions the system offers. This chapter outlines other helpful tips to get the most out of EDA.

Pin Tickets

If you pin a ticket it will be appearing at the top of a ticket list and it will be easier to spot (). Activate the pin icon in the ticket list (or at top right of the ticket) by clicking it. Deactivate this function with another click ().

Ticket History

Users are notified about most of the ticket changes through notifications. In the ticket itself, not all changes remain visible. The ticket header always displays only current (i.e. the last entered) data. Sometimes you may want to see when a change occurred, who made it, or how the ticket evolved over the time. For this purpose, there is the button at the bottom right of the ticket. If you activate this button all changes made to the ticket will be displayed, including the time and author of the change. These changes – unlike the comments – are colored gray.

A ticket without history of changes
A ticket with history of all changes

Copy Tickets

In EDA, you can copy a ticket which means to quickly create a new pre-filled ticket using the information from the original ticket. To do so, use the Copy ticket button at the top right of the ticket. (This button might be nested in the More icon .) By clicking on this button you will create a new ticket in which all fields will be filled exactly according to the original ticket. You can edit the ticket as you need, choose if you want to copy all comments or attachments as well, and save it. Both tickets – the original and new one – are related by a duplication relation that appears in Related Tasks.

Print Tickets

Every ticket can be printed. Use the Print ticket iconlocated at the top right of the ticket (this icon might be nested in the More icon).

Ticket Reminder

Users can set ticket reminders that will be sent to the user via email. Click on the Add reminder icon at the top right of the ticket (the icon might be nested in the More icon). When creating a new reminder you must set the date you wish to be sent a reminder and you may add text to the reminder. Create as many reminders as you wish.

Priorities Distinction

For better overview (to see quickly which tasks are really urgent) tickets on the left side of the screen are graphically differentiated according to the set priority. A low priority ticket has a bland gray text, high priority has a bold text, and the highest priority has a bold text and is colored red.

Amount of Displayed Information

In EDA, the amount of displayed information (columns, icons, etc.) may vary a little bit. It all depends on the screen resolution and the position of the “center” vertical line (that you can shift).

Email Notifications

Every time a change is made to a ticket you follow (or a new ticket is assigned to you) EDA sends an email notification (unless et otherwise). Changes you make yourself will not result in an email notification to your email.

EDA email is visually divided into two parts. The text above the line consists of the changes made and comments added (including the number of attachments). The text below the line is consists of the ticket’s basic information as well as its description.

Comments from Emails

If you reply to an EDA email notification (to, then the reply will be saved as a comment in the ticket. When you reply, it is better to delete the text you are answering to because it will avoid redundant text in the ticket.

Ticket Link and Opening a Ticket

A string of text that could be a ticket code (e.g. PROMO-3) automatically becomes a link to that ticket. This works in the comments, the ticket description and also in the chat.

A ticket can be opened in a new window using the middle mouse button (in the list of tickets, kanban, dashboard, related tickets and in the chat).

Possibility to change the order of columns in the list of tickets

In the left part of the screen just click on the lock icon in the small bar above the list and move the columns as you need. Click on the lock icon again to save the change.