Find and Open a Ticket

There are several ways to find and open a ticket.

If the ticket concerns you and you are its follower, you will receive email notifications about the ticket. In this case you can find any email concerning the ticket and click on the colored link to open the ticket.

In case you check tickets updates via notifications in EDA, you can open the ticket through this agenda.

The fastest way to search for a ticket in EDA is using the Search box in the top bar. Just enter the keyword (at least three characters) and EDA will offer the list of all the tickets with this keyword in a subject.

When you know the ticket is assigned to you (or a group you are a member of) just click on My Tasks in the left menu, and set the project to All Projects (or a specific project if you know which one). The list with all your tickets (in the selected project) will be displayed on the left side of your screen. The ticket you search for will be visible there.

If you are looking for a ticket and you know in what project it is, just open the project and click on Tasks in the left menu. All open tickets for this project will be displayed. If you need to find a ticket that has already been closed or you do not know what project it is in but you know to whom it is assigned, then you may use a filter.


The filter is used to filter tickets according to selected criteria. You will always find it at the top left of your screen above the list of tickets.

Every user – without knowing it – has been using a filter since their first login to EDA. Tasks and My Tasks are set up by default to display all tickets that are open (which means they are in status To-Do, In progress or Waiting for information). This can be changed by clicking on the filter iconand setting up a custom filter.

You can filter by all fields that can be filled in the ticket. It is therefore possible to filter out all tickets that have high priority, are assigned to a particular user, you created them, etc., etc. A combination of more criteria is possible of course. As you set the filter criteria, the filtered list of tickets on the left side of the screen is actively changing.

Filters can be saved for future use. Click on Save a Filter at the bottom, name the filter and click on Save.

You can see your saved filters in the first field in filter. You can choose, edit or delete the saved filter any time. My filters are displayed e.g. as follows:

TIP 1: If you create a filter within a specific project, the Project field is automatically filled in and the filter is displayed only in that project. So always make sure that Project and My Tasks / Tasks fields are chosen well.

TIP 2: You can use the filter field to find a ticket by writing a keyword. Just write, for example, “plan” in the search field of filter (located next to the filter) and press Enter. All open tickets containing this word will be displayed in the ticket list.

You can remove the filter by simply clicking on the X next to the word .

TIP 3: For faster access, a filter can be saved in the left menu. When you are saving a filter, just tick the box “Show as tab” (and set its color and icon). Such filters are then saved in the left menu and are always available to be selected as you can see in the following example.

The order of the filters can be changed by the user by simply dragging.

TIP 4: Quick ticket filtering: on the page with the list of tickets, using the offered characters. Just click in the filter field (below the left Search) and then either click on the desired character or type it (eg @ for the author) and type the author´s name.